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JaamSim Pro for dynamic simulation

JaamSim Pro is an advanced software package for building dynamic simulation models of complex supply chains for the mining and oil & gas industries.

Detailed models of these systems can be constructed by drag-and-dropping the model elements provided by JaamSim Pro

Materials (e.g. crude oil, liquefied natural gas, iron ore, coal, etc.)


Storage units (e.g. tanks, stockpiles, bins, etc.)


Flow devices (e.g. conveyors, pipelines, shiploaders, stacker/reclaimers, etc.)


Vehicles (e.g. trucks, trains, ships, etc.)


Paths (e.g. roads, rail lines, shipping lanes, etc.)


Loading and unloading stations (e.g. berths, train loadouts, etc.)


Production, consumption, and transshipment facilities (e.g. mines, off-shore platforms, terminals, etc.)

Simpler to Build

The inputs for these objects determine how they operate together to replicate the behavior of the actual supply chain.  Unlike other simulation packages, it is not necessary to construct a separate process flow structure to control the objects in a JaamSim Pro model.  Built-in rules ensure that a modeled vehicle uses the shortest and/or preferred path to its destination without becoming deadlocked with an opposing vehicle that is travelling on a one-way portion of its path.  Materials are moved automatically along the supply chain using push, pull, or hybrid logic.

Faster to Execute

JaamSim Pro models are both easy to construct and fast to execute.  Continuous processes such as vehicle motion and material flow are accomplished using discrete-event logic without the need to break the process into the incremental steps that slow down other simulation software packages.


Solid Foundation

JaamSim Pro is an extension of the free open-source simulation software JaamSim, which has thousands of users around the world and is taught at a number of universities and colleges.  JaamSim Pro's user interface, input/output system, graphics, and utility objects are all provided by JaamSim.  Many of these objects are extremely useful in a supply chain model:

Planned and unplanned maintenance


Stoppages due to weather or other environmental conditions


Restrictions on operations that can occur at the same time


Random arrival of vehicles (trucks, trains, or ships)


Graphs and other output displays


Scalable to Huge Models

Drag-and-drop is the fastest and easiest way to build to build a normal sized model.  It becomes impractical, however, when a model grows to hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of components.  For this size of model, users have the option of working directly with JaamSim Pro's input file using a text editor or other software tools.  Unlike other simulation packages with unreadable binary inputs, JaamSim Pro's inputs are text files that are both human readable and well documented.  This feature enhances quality control by allowing model inputs to be audited for accuracy and tracked for changes using standard version control software.

Presentation Quality Graphics

JaamSim Pro objects provide built-in graphics that allow the user to follow and verify the operation of the model while it is still under construction.  Additional graphical objects can be added to enhance the model's appearance and to provide further information about the operation of the modeled system.  The resulting model is easy for stakeholders and other non-experts to understand. 


More Information

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Copyright 2018.  JaamSim and JaamSim Pro are products of JaamSim Software Inc. Used with Permission.

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